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Poetry with Images

Title page for Caw

Michael Waters | Shoestring Press

Young Adult Fiction

Title page for Festival of Time: Book One: Escape

C.L. Peache | Self-Published


Title page for A Lucky Life

Neil Roberts | The Conrad Press

Biography with Photos

Title page for Norma Procter – Her Life In Music

Lucy Wood | Aswell House

"[The Book Typesetters] are, I swear, the best in the business, a joy to work with." - John Lucas, Shoestring Press

Cover Designs


Cover for The Lotus and the Tiger

Lizzy Shortall | The Conrad Press


Cover for The Credit

Augustus Young | Menard Press/The Duras Press


Cover for A Lucky Life

Neil Roberts | The Conrad Press


Cover for Bloodlines

Andy Brown | Worple Press

"You've been fantastic in your meticulousness and patience typesetting my book… many thanks again." - Christine McNeill

Our Services

We offer practical knowledge and creative flare in typesetting and cover design to transform your manuscripts into print-ready books which make you want to shout about them to the world.


Typesetting is the process of positioning text and images on a page to ensure your book appeals to your audience.

We will:

  • help you select the correct page size for your book
  • set accurate margin widths
  • work with you to choose the right typeface(s) and font(s) to fit the genre and style of your book
  • set the appropriate spacing between words, lines and paragraphs
  • ensure your book has an accurate table of contents and page numbering
  • remove typographical and layout errors so your words shine through

Once we've finished our work, the look and feel to the book will complement:

  • your book's genre
  • your book's content
  • your style of writing (voice)
  • you as an individual and as an author and publisher

Cover and Graphic Design

We create cover designs which set the appropriate tone for your book and match you as an author and publisher.

We ensure:

  • image quality suits its purpose
  • the size of the cover matches the size of the book
  • the correct spine width is applied
  • the requirements for professional printing are met

We offer additional graphic design services such as:

  • creation of logos and other graphics to appear in your book
  • production of printed marketing materials such as advanced information sheets and promotional postcards
  • designing web and social media graphics to advertise your books

Other Services

We offer additional services such as:

  • liaising with printers to ensure the entire manuscript-to-print process runs smoothly
  • updating of the Nielsen database on your behalf

We offer discounts when combining our services or producing multiple books. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

"I’ve never had such a good set of proofs! I must say this has been one of the easiest and pleasantest publishing experiences I’ve ever had." - Jan Owen

Our Prices

Book Typesetting

From £100

For typesetting a printable book, we charge

  • £50 booking and setup fee
  • £50 for up to 10,000 words typeset
  • £5 for every 1000 words thereafter

For example, a 60,000 word novel will cost £350.

eBook Typesetting

From £100

For typesetting an eBook, we charge

  • £50 booking and setup fee
  • £50 for up to 20,000 words typeset
  • £5 for every 1000 words thereafter
  • or £100 total charge if ordered alongside the printable book

For example, a 60,000 word novel will cost £300 or £100 if ordered alongside the printable book.

Poetry Typesetting

From £100

Please contact us for a quotation on typesetting poetry collections.

Cover Design


Cover design includes

  • Front cover content
  • Back cover content including an ISBN barcode (if required)
  • Spine content

*Additional charges may apply if you require us to source or create images or graphics to appear on the cover.

If your book contains images, footnotes or endnotes there may be an additional charge, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

"[I] wanted to thank you for doing such marvellous work on [my book]. The cover looks superb - I really am so pleased with every aspect of it. Couldn't have asked for more." - John Levett

Our Family

The Book Typesetters offer typesetting and cover design services to self-publishing authors, presses and publishers. It is run by the Ravenlock family from their home in Newark, Nottinghamshire.


Rachael Ravenlock

Creative and Communications Director

Rachael loves chatting to publishers and authors about their books, requirements and timescales to ensure projects run smoothly and meet expectations.


Nathanael (Nat) Ravenlock

Creative and Technical Director

Nat is passionate about transforming manuscripts into polished publications which publishers and authors will love.


The Micro Managers

The Micro Managers

Mr R, Mr L and Miss E provide the family with never-ending inspiration, motivation and laughter.

"Many thanks again for all your dedicated work. I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful typesetter and designer to work with." - Ian Gordon

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"…so good to deal with someone who really knows what they’re doing." - Christopher Southgate

Lovely People

The lovely people we've had the pleasure of working with over the years include:

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